Literature of the African Diaspora: Language of Mobility, Language of Flight?
Symposium: Goethe University Frankfurt, January 16-17, 2009

While the literature of the African and West-Indian Diaspora categorized as ‘Black-British Literature’ has long been considered to be a fixed component of the contemporary British cultural and literature scene in Great Britain, this only scarcely applies in other European contexts. African voices in the rest of Europe are instead given labels such as ‘world literature’ rather than being counted amongst the cultural cornerstones of the respective national literature canons. Before this background, authors, scholars, journalists, and literary agents spoke on and discussed migration, language, labeling, the market, and, not least, the attempt at and the right to subjective language.

Hessian Literature Forum, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
With Goretti Kyomuhendo and Wilfried N'Sondé in English and German

Goretti Kyomuendo, author, GB/Uganda, London
Wilfried N'Sonde, author, Congo/F/D, Berlin
Corry von Mayenburg, LITPROM, Society for the Promotion of African, Asian, and Latin American Literature
Dirk Naguschewski, Dr., Center for Literary and Cultural Research, Berlin
Cassis Kilian, ethnologist, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
Rembert Hüser, Prof. film scholar, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Doreen Strauhs, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Eva Ulrike Pirker, Dr. English Studies, University of Freiburg
Wumi Raji, Prof. English Studies, University of Lagos